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Friday, February 10, 2017

ready for our visitors

We're completely ready for the Virtues Global Mentorship. We met with the manager of Kakamega Sports Club and set up menus, snacks and a few 'housekeeping' things for the people staying there. Your name tags are ready and Virtues Connection Kakamega meets tomorrow for any things still to put in place. All we need is for you to arrive safely. (BTW it was 39 C outside yesterday).
That's the good news. We are struggling with details for the Integrity conference since university lecturers are on strike (since the beginning of Feb) and have just rejected a government offer to entice them back to work. So public universities are virtually shut down. We will know on Wed if our university will close completely which will stop us from doing the student seminar of 21 st. We are hoping for a back-up plan where we can offer the session to students of Kenya medical training college. We will know on Monday if they are interested. Plan C is to approach one of the private universities whose director did Virtues training a couple of years ago! never a dull moment.
As far as we know the closure of the University would not interfere with the two sessions on 28 and Mar 1, although we are planning a second venue, just in case.

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